Life Goes ON

Love is

“Of all the virtues, love is the most important, for without it, life would lack life, emotion, healing and growth. It is the necessary element of a fulfilled existence, love for ourselves and another.” LetyM

What do you see?
when you look at another
through the eyes of your mother
your sister or brother
your friends or a partner
conditioned by norms
as it takes boxed in forms
Oh what don’t you see?

What do you see?
When the color of skin
matters more than your kin
in a self proclaimed righteous move
genocide is done in the name of whom?
and the chains that bind us
are the chains that blind us
Oh what don’t you see?

What do you see?
When a voice should matter
yet silenced, shamed to don’t bother
you may sit now and listen
I’ll teach you behavior
I’ll show you the way
you will do as I say, to become better yet
Oh what don’t you see?

What do you see?
when we falter in error
do you shame to the core?
when we celebrate progress
do you silence with words?
as we point with our fingers
and pull on more trigger
Oh what don’t you see?

What do you see?
In anger, denial
bargain, acceptance
see you are done with the cycle
that’s it, you are dead
you are murdered and hung
you are killed over, die
you cannot live on
I said you are dead
Oh what don’t you see?

What do you see?
When life is for learning
when God forgives all
When acceptance is universal
When all our lives matter
When you cannot seduce me to reduce me
when I demand my respect
when I say that’s not killing
that is saying, my life is worth the rest
Oh What don’t you see?

What do you see?
When I say, I am confident
and I know myself
when I say I will listen
but no longer dare
to fall for reduction
seduction of worth
to believe I am not worthy
or deserve any more
When I tell you I don’t bow
or lower my head
I won’t kneel to oppression
to save one more day
Oh what don’t you see?

What do you see?
When my son goes beyond expectations
and my daughter surpasses oppressors
when their father sleeps through the storms
and I walk, as I smile and move forth
Oh what don’t you see?

That life goes on
and there is always
love, peace, harmony, grace, the right to live, create, have a voice, rise up the next day and do it all over again
What do you see?
now that you know
what do you see?
As I say, It does not matter, life goes on



happy valentine's day

To care is a form
perhaps not the norm
do you watch for another
perhaps seek in a matter

 To trust is to see
perfection not believe
for to view imperfection
posts self mind reflection

To love within words
beyond labels and cords
is love an intention
no, it’s a feeling perfection

To mind is divine
kind sentiment inside
what we do for a soul
is a gift to be whole

To live is a given
not odd nor is even
for each form is a word
within breaths in a cord

To feel is humane
not selfish nor vane
acknowledge the beat
a person’s heart speak

To Rise Above


From Molecules Birth
In a breath we are born
With a cry to rejoice
I am here, hear my voice

In the months there to follow
we are whole and not shallow
our surroundings quite new
experiences renew

Every step is a blessing
Every song is caressing
Every image a discovery
Every person an anatomy

We learn to experience
We learn through experience
We know not of hate
prejudice, cruelty nor haste

Hazing is a learned behavior
much like prejudice, intolerance and spite
Hating, the condemning major
of senseless loss of sight

For blindness brings a certain darkness
and darkness brings a certain madness
and madness brings a certain sadness
that no light can ever replace

Beyond the rivers of blindness
beyond the caves in the darkness
beyond the negative side of madness
beyond the wounds carving sadness
Beyond the mourning of unkindness

Our nature is to heal
our nature is to seal
our nature is to love

For if we can remember
and choose not surrender
nurture the child
who wanted to see

the world through experience
beyond our appearance
beyond any labels
beyond any fables

We were born to love another
We were born without prejudice
we were born without hate
we were born without intolerance

and if we must learn through this life
to hate, judge and regress
We must remember, we can learn
to love, understand and progress

From Molecules Birth
In a breath we are born
With a cry to rejoice
I am here, hear my voice

With much love, sympathy and respect
inspired by the recent events and senseless loss
of precious life
With love, healing and heart
to the families and friends
of those affected.



Who are YOU? Beyond labels…


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Do labels define a person or does the person define the labels?

Mother, daughter, author, housewife, fitness, sexy, author, spiritual, nurse, professional, speaker, wife, girlfriend and some labels, well a little too extreme to mention, if I kept track I think I might get a little dizzy.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to change you is the greatest accomplishment”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

I believe that as women we are multifaceted.
We are so much more than labels, especially those given to us by social conditioning, expectations, and especially by images on social media of the “perfect” female.

The most important labels will be the ones we attach ourselves, our internal chatter will always outweigh any projection of who and what we should be as females.

I am a writer who enjoys fitness, a girls night out, spending time with family, meditation and life.
The characters I write about are females who embody who they are as an individual beyond labels, expectations and societal norms.  They are perhaps in an essence the rebels of their time.
My question to you?
Since when did females become rebels when embracing their individuality?
Do we call male rebels when they choose to be themselves?
I have come to realize that when we allow ourselves to be ourselves and choose to embrace our personality beyond labels, we are able to live an authentic life.  Freedom is not the ability to live without responsibilities, freedom is the ability to be responsible enough to dare to be ourselves and live beyond labels.
I am, the most powerful words in our self development and personal vocabulary, for what we choose to apply after that will ultimately define who we are.
So how do you live your life? Do you allow labels to define you or do you define your labels?
I can only attest for the characters I write about and myself.
I am ME and that is okay.
Beyond the box of labels, potential awaits if we only dare to take the next step.
                                                                                   Dare to be Great


Dare You To Look

happy valentine's day

Have you ever stopped to think

in the seconds of a blink

or perhaps just closed your eyes

and seen the inside of your lids

in your deepest roundest thoughts

beyond words, silliness & flaws

I am enough to make a difference

Beyond the years of youthful innocence

for if a mustard seed can grow

a single drop make ripples flow

and a molecule can matter

your presence worthy like no other

A word may heal a heart

a piece perceived as broken parts

from obscurities ingrained

to opportunities not vain

and if a cell becomes a life

and a fetus smaller than my hand

can become the girl I am

than what’s to say that what you do

will never make a difference for you

for if you look within the lids

beyond thoughts & given flaws

you may find in deepest scenes

the person you most seek

is the person living within

if you simply dare to see

with the eyes that sleep within

you may find beyond damnation

there exists a beautiful creation

and when you find what you look for

do not hide or think, this has no worth

for the drop that sleeps within

will breed the ripples of your being

the life within does matter

Always step and dare go further

For in life those who made a change

were once the smallest mustard seed

the drops before the ripples

they simply dared

to look within






Love is…

happy valentine's day

Love is an emotion

perhaps an intentional equation

to care, share and feel appreciated

not to judge or make another intimidated

Love is freedom

it does not bind, wind or feel twisted

to allow another to be themselves

is maturity within, embracing ourselves

Love is caring

For the happiness of another

to show that they matter

and in that selfless gesture

we release any pressure

Love is not perfect

It has room for imperfection

for perfection is protection

of unrealistic expectation

and in darkness alienation

Love is kind

and I do not believe it is blind

for to be blind is to be in lust

but to see through trials and imperfection

through struggles and connotations

through doubts and skeptical fears

through smiles and perhaps unshed tears

through moments of feeling for granted

through moments of feeling ill wanted

what remains beyond that threshold

is the person who sees you at your worst

who smiles at your best

through all of lives silly tests

and chooses to say


when you find that

keep that

but know this truth I learned

you must give yourself

that Love


You are Simply Brave & Bold


When you find yourself alone
in the mist of no return
look deep inside and than you’ll know
that life is meant for you to grow

It is a test, at times quite cruel
Not a game, but choose to fuel
the words you speak inside your soul
should never match a folly’s prowl

For women should dress how they please
without fear and be at ease
and when violated at their core
they didn’t ask for it, I know

From poverty to wealth
the stories are the same
when robbed of precious health
the victim is not to blame

when innocence is lost
and the world seems too vast
refuse to be reduced
you are not a victim to abuse

Turn your dialogue to victor
in each step look for a mentor
there is no turning back
be thankful

One day you simply wake
and look back to see the grave
of all you thought you couldn’t overcome
and you will say R.I.P
I’m free at last

So in those moments of despair
pat your back and stand repair
for life is more than what you are told
you are simply brave and bold




A poem inspired by women and men who choose to speak up against abuse and the men and women who support them.