Let go of FEAR

Let go of FEAR

Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.
Mark Twain


     Have you ever felt scared to try something new? Have you ever been told you are not good enough to do something? Have you ever told yourself, I’m not good enough?


Criticism can overtake the development of an idea if allowed.  It can become reality if not filtered.  Critisim is not a negative component of development if viewed externally.  It can be used as a direction to improve as long as it is not internalized as reality.


The courage to hold your ground and be brave in your goals requires an understanding of your identity, direction and goals.  These three factors develop resiliance.


Sounds like a one track mind?  It is not, you always leave yourself open to learn, change, grow, but do not allow the fear of failure and dissapointment to overtake.


The ability to let go of fear, crticism and rejection allows room for the reflection and creation of your goals.


The choice lies within.



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